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AutoKey-P is a patent-tailored multilingual high-quality high-speed extractor of keywords and key phrases with a "human face" (grammatically correct noun terms). It is convenient for both human expert analysis, and further machine processing. AutoKey-P is an appropriate tool to quickly automatically index a patent database for better search results. It takes a fraction of a second to process a patent on a regular Hewlett-Packard X86-based PC. An XML file of 8 megabytes with150 patents is processed in less that 2 min. AutoKey-P is implemented for English, French and German (under development) languages for Windows and Linux operational environment.

Sample outputs for English, French and German:

US patent 7271765

[2437] wireless location system
[1323] wireless transmitter
[1291] location processor
[1279] location record
[1258] location data signal
[1227] location estimation
[1200] location calculation
[1137] centralized database system
[1070] location information
[1053] location processing
[1051] location datum
[1036] signal collection system
[1012] wireless transmission
[1000] location coordinate
[998] wireless communications system
[996] TDOA wireless location system
[989] wireless location system query
[989] mobile wireless transmitter
[982] wireless location system command
[976] receiver system
[975] wireless location system check
[971] wireless telephone
[970] wireless location system timestamp

[1829] système de gestion
[1692] base de données topologique
[1262] mémoire de graphe topologique
[1171] modèle de graphe topologique
[1119] moyens de gestion
[1102] table de type DIP
[1087] gestion de données
[1082] graphe représentatif de l'hypergraphe
[1079] système de gestion coopérant
[1069] type de rôle
[1061] type de donnée d'interface
[1046] type de topic
[1041] type de DIP
[1040] enregistrements de type DIP
[1024] base de données relationnelles
[1022] metadata de type nom
[1018] type liste de référentiel
[1016] type de tables
[1015] d'association de type hierarchical
[1015] gestion de graphes topologiques
[1014] type de la donnée
[1011] moyen de gestion
[1010] masse de données externes

[558] oberen Endbereich des Schafte
[441] Halteelement
[172] hinteren Schaftteil
[143] Schieberichtung
[104] Befestigungsanordnung
[91] Klemmeinrichtungen
[88] angeordneten Halteelement
[87] Halteelement angeformter Ansatz
[84] Halteelement bei Skischuhen Verwendung
[83] umgreifenden Halteelement
[78] Schaft angeordneten Lageranordnungen
[74] Bein
[70] Skifahrer
[68] Wadenansatz
[66] Schaft angeordneten Exzenterantrieb
[66] hinteren Schaftteil gerichtete Verzahnungen
[63] Halteelementes quer zur Sohle
[62] Achse parallel zur Sohle
[62] Schaft federnd angeordnete Rastnase

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