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What is LanA-Key

LanA-Key stands for Linguistic analysis Acquisition of Keywords.
LanA-Key is a keyword/phrase extraction tool, which features high quality output and fast performance. It is based on the combination of the most successful statistical and linguistic techniques as well as on LanA Consulting linguistic resources.

LanA-Key uses:
  • a unique algorithm for extraction intelligent one- and multi- word noun phrases and
  • a flexible scoring algorithm with multiple parameters
  • the values of the parameters can be tuned to
    • a general text as well as
    • to specific domains and applications.
It takes input and outputs results in multiple formats (txt, html, xml, etc.). It is possible to download and process
  • a single file or
  • a folder of files; for a folder of files LanA-Key can
    • either extract keywords for every file separately or
    • merge the files and get keywords for a merged text.
The results can be sorted based on Relevancy, ABC order or reverse ABC order.
LanA-Key comes in two varieties:
  • LanA-Key U (User) extracts keywords based on efficient fixed relevancy parameters (Screenshots 1 and 2)
  • LanA-Key R (Researcher) lets the user to set the values of relevancy parameters and access intermediate results which in addition to a keyword extractor makes LanA-Key R a perfect research tool (Screenshots 3 and 4).

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